Basic Science GK Questions for Class 6

General Science GK Questions for Class 6 cover a wide range of fascinating topics. The Science questions for Class 6 are related to the topics like humans, plants, animals, the solar system, the earth, interesting facts on sound, and light, important inventions that changed the world, and the important contributions of various scientists in transforming our lives.

GK Questions for Class 6 develop the habit of understanding and analysing what is happening around students. GK Questions will help 6th-standard students to grow academically as well as personally. In the pursuit of a child’s success, developing the habit of solving GK Questions for Class 6 early on is an important trait that needs to be inculcated. General Knowledge will play an important role in the overall development of children as they grow up. As knowledge is never ending, acquiring knowledge is also a never-ending process right from anybody’s childhood.

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The given above multiple choice General Science GK Questions for Class 6 will help students prepare for various inter-school and intra-school quiz competitions. These Science questions for Class 6 will also help students to enrich their knowledge and kindle their curiosity in the field of science. GK Questions for Class 6 will throw light on interesting facts about General Science.

Basic Science GK Questions for Class 6

Here is a list of Basic Science questions in English for Class 6,

1) Which planet is known as the Morning and Evening Star?

a) Earth

b) Mars

c) Venus

d) Mercury

2) _______ is the famous scientist who discovered Penicillin in 1928

a) Sir Alexander Fleming

b) Leonardo Da Vinci

c) Michael Faraday

d) Archimedes

3) ________ is considered the father of Indian Nuclear Program

a) C V Raman

b) Homi J Bhabha

c) Abdul Kalam

d) Vikram Sarabhai

4) Indian Science Congress 2020 was held in ______

a) New Delhi

b) Lucknow

c) Bengaluru

d) Hyderabad

5) __________ is the second largest big cat species in the world

a) Tiger

b) Jaguar

c) Leopard

d) Lion

6) ________ is the famous scientist known for inventing Telephone.

a) Thomas Alva Edison

b) Neils Bohr

c) Alfred Nobel

d) Alexander Graham Bell

Download Basic Science GK Questions for Class 6 PDF

7) ________ is the inventor of the Radio

a) Guglielmo Marconi

b) Thomas Edison

c) Benjamin Franklin

d) Michael Faraday

8) What is a U-Boat?

a) Ship

b) Submarine

c) Helicopter

d) Balloon

9) Flying Reptiles were known as ________.

a) Dinosaurs

b) Plesiosaurs

c) Pterodactyls

d) Brachiosaurus

10) Largest individual flower is from a plant known as ______

a) Rhododendron

b) Amaryllis

c) Primrose

d) Rafflesia arnoldii

11) The biggest known volcano in our solar system is located on

a) Moon

b) Jupiter

c) Saturn

d) Mars

12) Largest Land-based mammals on the Earth are _____

a) Giraffe

b) Polar Bears

c) African Bush Elephant

d) Bison

13) How many times does a human heartbeat in a day?

a) More than 10,000 times a day

b) More than 1,00,000 times a day

c) More than 1,000 times a day

d) Around 2,00,000 times a day

14) People with lesser melanin have ____

a) Lighter skin colour

b) Darker Skin colour

c) Does not influence skin colour

d) None of the above

15) The highest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica is 18.3 Degree Celsius. The reading was taken by Esperenza research base of _______

a) Spain

b) Russia

c) Germany

d) Argentina

The above questions are some of the most important general knowledge questions on Basic Science for Class 6. The answers to Science questions for Class 6 are provided below in the box. For more of such exciting questions on GK on other topics, download our learning app.

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Here are the Answers to Basic Science Questions for Class 6:

1. c) 2. a) 3. b) 4. c) 5. d)
6. d) 7. a) 8. b) 9. c) 10. d)
11. d) 12. c) 13. b) 14. a) 15. d)


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