GK Questions for Class 6 with Answers

GK Questions for Class 6 broadly covers GK questions pertaining to India, Sports GK Questions, Current affairs questions, Basic Science GK questions, and Computer GK questions. These GK Question Class 6 cover information on important heads of states of different nations, famous personalities who have achieved success in various fields. These GK Questions for Class 6 will also include questions based on famous deserts across different continents, major rivers across the globe, nicknames of different countries, cities, major events that takes place across different countries. The general awareness questions will also cover the well known islands across the globe, most famous seas which are important from current affairs perspective, bridges, statues, winners of most famous awards like the Nobel Prize across the domains of peace, science and literature. Sports GK questions for students covers most important international events like Olympics, other sporting events like Tennis, Football etc.

Solving GK Quiz for Class 6 will help young students pick up vital knowledge which will help them all through their life, as they grow up. GK Quiz for Class 6 will help students hone their thinking skills. Answering these GK Questions for Class 6 will help them become sharper and smarter. The questions and answers given in Class 6 GK quiz need not necessarily be linked to the syllabus of Class 6 or have an impact on his/her academic scores. However, it is definitely going to help Class 6 students to grow up as wise and knowledgeable human beings.

GK Quiz Questions for Class 6

Here are the GK Questions for Class 6. The below given GK Questions are also relevant for Class 6 CBSE. Here are the links to the GK Question Class 6. Students can also download GK Questions for Class 6 pdf of the same.

Frequently solving GK Questions in English for Class 6 will help students develop a strong knowledge base.

GK Questions For Class 6 With Answers:

Given below are sample GK questions for Class 6 with answers. The GK Quiz for Class 6 with answers will help in increasing the curiosity and thinking abilities of students.

    • Who is the Chancellor of Germany?

Answer: Angela Merkel

    • Who is the author of the book ‘Ignited Minds’?

Answer: APJ Abdul Kalam

    • Which country is known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient Seas’?

Answer: Philippines

    • Where is the location of Kalahari Desert?

Answer: Kalahari is in the African continent. It is spread over 3 countries – Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

    • Who won the Nobel Peace Prize 2020?

Answer: World Food Programme

    • Who won the ‘Global Teachers Prize 2020’?

Answer: Ranjitsinh Disale

    • What is the capital of Switzerland?

Answer: Bern

    • When is Martyrs’ day observed in India?

Answer: 30th January

    • Which is the longest river in Europe?

Answer: Volga River

    • Where is Mount Kilimanjaro located?

Answer: Tanzania, Africa.

Class 6 students who make it a hobby to update themselves with General Knowledge will be very confident while interacting with their peers. These GK Questions for Class 6 will make their interactions with their classmates and friends very beneficial and knowledge sharable.

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The GK Questions for 6th Class develop interest and aptitude in General Knowledge. Solving GK Questions Class 6 give them confidence to interact with new people, share knowledge with them and simultaneously continue to gain knowledge. GK Questions for Class 6 will also help them to build stronger bonds with like minded people, and expand their friends circle which would help them in the later stages of life.

General Knowledge is needed for complete development of a child. General Knowledge for Class 6 will broaden the horizon of thinking. Slowly and steadily the students will develop the capacity to understand complex situations and analyse better. It will boost self esteem and help the students face the world outside with greater confidence. GK Questions for Class 6 is acquired from various sources like magazines, newspapers, websites etc. An individual with good General Knowledge is always appreciated and respected by other people. Individuals with good GK usually have higher Intelligence Quotient (IQ) levels too.

Class 6 General Knowledge Questions will definitely support students’ journey of competing at intra school and inter school level quiz competitions. These questions contain GK questions for Class 6 CBSE as well as GK questions for Class 6 ICSE. These simple GK questions for Class 6 students will build greater enthusiasm in the minds of young students.

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