Current Affairs GK Questions for Class 6

Current Affairs GK Questions for Class 6 covers a very wide range of interesting topics related to winners of popular awards in India and the world, famous personalities who created history, heads of different countries, capitals of different countries, members of important international organisations and its headquarters. Current Affairs GK Questions for Class 6 will basically cover the interesting and important events that take place across the globe and which are a recurrent theme or frequently occupy the headlines in newspapers or news channels.

CBSE Class 6 will play a vital part in the overall growth of a child. It is important that they are exposed to Current Affairs, right in the initial stages of their life, so that it helps them develop curiosity over various important events taking place across the globe. Current Affairs for Class 6 will help students in their overall development and help them face the world outside with greater confidence.

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The below given multiple choice Current Affairs GK Questions for Class 6 will help students prepare for various inter school and intra school quiz competitions.Current Affairs GK questions for Class 6 will help students improve their reasoning skills and thinking skills.

Current Affairs General Knowledge Questions for Class 6

Here is a list of Current Affairs GK questions in English for Class 6,

1) INS Viraat was recently in news, it is a/an _____

a) Tank

b) Missile

c) Aircraft Carrier

d) Helicopter

2) Talgo is a very High Speed train built by a company from _______

a) Spain

b) Japan

c) UK

d) France

3) ________ among the following is not part of QUAD

a) USA

b) India

c) Australia

d) UK

4) ________ is known as the ‘Missile man of India’

a) APJ Abdul Kalam

b) Vikram Sarabhai

c) Satish Dhawan

d) None of the above

5) Capital of Vietnam is ______

a) Manila

b) Kuala Lumpur

c) Jakarta

d) Hanoi

6) _________ is the current foreign minister of India

a) Rajnath Singh

b) Piyush Goyal

c) S Jaishankar

d) Ajit Doval

Download Current Affairs GK Questions for Class 6 PDF

7) Sputnik V is the first registered vaccine against COVID-19. It was developed _______

a) Pfizer

b) Moderna

c) SII

d) Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology

8) ______ won the Infosys Prize 2020 in the field of ‘Physical Sciences’.

a) Arindam Ghosh

b) Prachi Deshpande

c) Saurav Chatterjee

d) Raj Chetty

9) BIMSTEC headquarters is located in ________

a) Bangkok, Thailand

b) Dhaka, Bangladesh

c) Colombo, Sri Lanka

d) New Delhi, India

10) Cape Canaveral is well known for launch of satellites, it is located in


a) Florida

b) Georgia

c) Virginia

d) New York

11) ______ won the 2019 Nobel Prize for literature

a) Peter Handke

b) V S Naipaul

c) Olga Tokarczuk

d) Slobodan Milosevic

12) Maia Sandu recently won the Presidential elections. She is the President of


a) Moldova

b) Serbia

c) Greece

d) Georgia

13) ______ was the first human to reach space.

a) Buzz Aldrin

b) Neil Armstrong

c) Yuri Gagarin

d) John Glenn

14) _______ is the World’s largest lake by area.

a) Lake Baikal

b) Caspian Sea

c) Lake Superior

d) Lake Victoria

15) ________is the current Chief of Indian Navy

a) Bipin Rawat

b) Karambir Singh

c) Manoj Mukund Naravane

d) Rakesh Kumar Bhadauria

The above questions are some of the most important general knowledge questions on Current Affairs GK Questions for Class 6. The answers to them are provided below in the box. For more of such exciting questions on GK on other topics, download our learning app.

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Here are the Answers for Current Affairs GK Questions for Class 6:

1. c)

2. a)

3. d)

4. a)

5. d)

6. c)

7. d)

8. a)

9. b)

10. a)

11. a)

12. a)

13. c)

14. b)

15. b)


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