CBSE Board Exams- Tips to Deal With Exam Stress

Exam stress

Exam season is in full swing, and the graph of stress levels is at its apex as the Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) is ready to conduct exams between the month of March and April for class 12.

Almost 25 lakh students will write CBSE board exams this year, with a rise of 6.3 percent from last year.

Most of the students follow the strict study routine set by some other bright students in their class. They end up lagging behind when they cannot keep up with the demanding schedules and thereby leading to stress.

Here are some useful tips and tricks that will make you confident and stress-free.

Revise your Topics Well

Go through all the relevant questions and revise well so that you don’t forget important points in the exam. It is better to study from your NCERT book as most of the questions come from here only. Practice different types of questions by solving some sample papers. Revise important diagrams, formulae, theorems and derivations to grab full marks in your pocket.

Sleep Well for Solid Memory

Sleeping at least for 7 hours will help you in better retention of your topics. If you don’t get proper sleep, your mind will go blank, or you will forget answers during exams. Your brain needs time to organize short-term and long-term memory. Adequate and healthy sleep works as fuel for your brain. If you deprive, you will be tired.

Eat Well for Active Brain

Proper intake of a protein-rich diet will help you stay active and quick and makes you keep going for your exams. Try to avoid junk or very oily food as it tends to make you sleepy and lethargic.

Drink more Water

Drinking the proper amount of water will keep your body hydrated and will suppress cravings for junk foods, leading to having healthy food and hence a well-functioning mind and body.


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