CBSE Class 12: History term 2 Board exam to be conducted on 10 June 2022

Term 2 History Board exam to be conducted on 10 June 2022, according to the schedule published by Central Board of Secondary Education. The exam is going to be 40 marks and 10 marks will be for internal assessment which will conclude the 50 marks term.

The whole structure of examination has been divided into two parts, part 1 which is term 1 consists of 50% syllabus and Term 2 consists of the remaining part. Students have already been assessed on the basis of 50% of the syllabus and the rest will be assessed in term 2. This is the first time that the board exams have been conducted this way. The cumulative scoring of both the terms will be the result of this year’s board exams.

History is considered as one of the most scoring and important subjects. Just like other subjects, the syllabus of this subject has also been reduced.


Theme and Part

Deleted parts

Through the Eyes of Travelers

Theme- 5,

Part- II

Entire Chapter

Peasants, Zamindars and the State

Theme- 8,

Part- II

Entire Chapter

Colonialism and the countryside



A revolt in the countryside-

The Bombay Deccan (unit-3),

The Deccan Riots Commission

Colonial Sites



Entire Chapter

Understanding Partition


Part- III

Entire Chapter

Preparation Tips

  1. Use mnemonics to learn facts
  2. Make a timeline to connect dots of the story
  3. Attempt sample papers to understand the marking scheme and exam pattern
  4. Make notes in the form of flow charts, to make them look more clear to understand and learn
  5. Read all the topics thoroughly to avoid confusion

Instructions for exam day

  1. Carry a printed copy of your admit card
  2. Do not carry banned items
  3. Follow covid-19 guidelines
  4. Reach the venue on time
  5. Tie the sheets in proper order before submitting
  6. Revise the answer sheet at least twice before submitting


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