CBSE to Reduce The Weight of School bags for Classes I and II


Looking over the unfavourable effects of having heavy school bags and also the homework for the children of classes 1 and 2, the Central Board of secondary education has released a notification informing all the CBSE affiliated schools to take measures the reduction of weightage of the school bags. In accordance with this, the Maharashtra government has well announced the very last year that the weight of the school bag has to be about 10 percent of the child’s weight. So now the CBSE has taken the initiative to make it a bit still lighter from the following year.

In conjunction with this, in the circular released, the CBSE Director KK Choudhury tells about all the impacts on the children bearing such heavy bags which also reduces their growth. Young children face severe problems like back pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain and also fatigue.

Measures to be taken by schools, teachers and parents are given below-

The circular has given some various measures to be followed by students, teachers and parents in helping to reduce the pressure of the weight of school bags-

By Schools
  • The schools had to encourage the students in repacking their bags on a daily basis and also to avoid filling unnecessary things to be taken to school such as y articles, workbooks, and textbooks.
  • All the schools should ensure that the weight of bags has been checked for all the children of Classes 1 and 2
  • Schools need not assign any homework of assignments to the students of classes I and II and moreover, there is no need of bringing school bags.
  • A separate timetable has to be provisioned for the children so that they complete their regular homework and assignments only during school hours under the guidance of teachers.
By Teachers
  • The Teachers might use alternative methods for teaching which are based on ICT to reduce the dependency on textbooks.
  • Teachers are advised to make the pair of children so that two children use one textbook as a way of sharing.
  • Ask children to use loose sheets for working purposes in a way that can reduce the weight of school bags. Teachers are as well advised to carry about lesser test copies.
By Parents
  • The very main advice given to the parents is to look at the health of their children by purchasing bags of lesser weight.
  • Parents are said to check their child’s bag on a regular basis so that thing which is unnecessary need to be removed.
  • The bag has to be put tightly to the child’s back, rather than like hanging off their

Thus owing to the health effects on children, CBSE has taken these measures and advised them to be followed.


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