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BYJU’S is the leading educational company in India with 4.5 lakh paid users and one of the fastest growing Ed-Tech companies in the world. BYJU’S provide students with the engaging video lessons and video lectures so that students can learn in an interactive manner. The video lessons provided by BYJU’S are not only interactive but completely revolutionizes how students should learn basic and core concepts.

BYJU’S provide the best videos for CBSE students. The CBSE videos cover all concepts and chapters of Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for Class 6 – 12 CBSE students. The videos are designed with attractive features like 3D animations, and in-air projections so that students can understand each concept easily. Visualization also helps students to retain the concepts for a longer period of time. The engaging videos are presented by India’s best teacher so that students learn in a fun and easy way.

Millions of students across the globe are joining BYJU’S to understand hard topics in an easy way. The teachers and mentors also provide shortcut techniques for maths and science so that students can excel in their exam.

Some interactive and engaging CBSE videos for maths and science are given below.

Human Eye



Metals and Non-metals

Spherical Mirrors


Circles and their Chords

The History of Gravitation

Cell Structure and its Function

Periodic Table


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