Class 12 CBSE term 2 Math Exam to be held on June 7th, check tips & guidelines

According to the schedule shared by the CBSE, class 12th Math board exam is going to be conducted on 7th June, 2022.

Term 2 board exam is going to have 50% weightage of the curriculum while the other 50% weightage was with term 1 examination which was objective in nature. Term 2 exam is going to be completely descriptive and the students must prepare themselves accordingly.

Click here to go through the CBSE class 12 Maths term 2 syllabus for the upcoming board exam on June 4th, 2022.

Revision tips for Class 10 term 2 math exam

  1. Practice Vector and 3D Geometry for accuracy while answering.
  2. Make a formula card for revision of Calculus.
  3. Probability has repetitive questions from previous years, so focus on practicing those.
  4. Solve a few CBSE sample papers before the final exam to evaluate your preparation.
  5. Make a schedule and sheet to review the whole syllabus.
  6. Practice writing answers in the form of steps, because in CBSE step-marking is done.

Things to keep in mind before you term 2 Math exam

  1. Before filling the answer sheet, students must read the instructions carefully.
  2. The students’ details must be written in clear handwriting and don’t forget to mention the number of extra sheets taken during the exam.
  3. Don’t forget to carry your admit card.
  4. Refrain from making mistakes to avoid the usage of a correction pen.
  5. Read the question paper first and make a list of the questions you want to attempt first, based on the topics more clear to you..
  6. Keep your geometry tools for questions that require you to construct figures.
  7. Revise your theorems and formulas before the exam.


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