How To Make Yogurt

Ever wonder how Yogurt is made? It is one of those food products you pick up every time when you go to the grocery store, but did you ever think about how it is made?  Well you can now try your hands making you very own Yogurt in a few simple steps.

Ingredients to make Yogurt

  • A measuring cup

  • Water

  • A marker

  • Plastic cups

  • Whole milk

  • A saucepan

  • A kitchen thermometer

  • Plain yogurt from the grocery store (make sure it says “active culture”)

  • Powdered milk

  • Aluminum foil

  • A cooler

  • 4 small plastic soda bottles

  • 3 cups hot water

Things to keep an ‘eye on’

  • The cup labeled “Milk Only” will look and smell more and more like rotten milk as time passes.

  • The cups labeled “Milk and Yogurt” and “Milk, Powdered Milk, and Yogurt” won’t look or smell rotten; instead, they will appear yogurt-y

  • The cup labeled “Milk, Powdered Milk, and Yogurt” will have a thicker consistency, more like yogurt, than the cup labeled “Milk and Yogurt.”

Procedure to follow

  1. Using the measuring cup, pour 1 cup of water into a plastic cup and mark the level of the liquid with the marker. Repeat so that you have three plastic cups marked at the 1-cup mark.

  1. Heat 3 cups of milk in a saucepan on the stovetop until the milk reaches a temperature of 175ºF. Check the temperature using the kitchen thermometer. Let the milk cool until it is 120ºF so that it is easier to work with.

  1. Pour the milk into each of the three plastic cups, stopping at the marker lines.

  1. Microwave a few tablespoons of yogurt for 10 seconds to heat it up.

  1. Label one cup “Milk Only” and set it aside.

  1. Label another cup “Milk and Yogurt.” Add 1 tablespoon of yogurt to this cup and mix well. Set it aside.

  1. Label the last cup “Milk, Powdered Milk, and Yogurt.” Add 1 tablespoon of powdered milk and 1 tablespoon of yogurt to this cup and mix well. Set it aside.

  1. Cover all three cups with aluminum foil and place them inside the cooler.

  1. Fill the four plastic soda bottles with very hot water and seal them tight. Place these inside the cooler as well.

  2. Use the thermometer to monitor the temperature of the cooler, which needs to stay at about 110ºF for the entire time you culture the yogurt. If it starts to cool down, refill the water bottles with hot water.

  1. After six hours, check on the cups. Record any changes in appearance, texture, and odor.

  1. After 12 hours (or overnight), check on the cups. Record any changes in appearance, texture, or odor.

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