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Science is the intellectual and practical activity consisting the systematic study of nature and behaviour of material and physical universe through observation and experiments. It helps in understanding the environment and its natural phenomena. There are three branches in science: 1. Physics 2. Chemistry 3. Biology. Each one has its own importance; there are few applications which provide science education to the students. Such apps are called science learning app. Since science concepts are little complicated to understand at first, learning is made simple through this app.

Science education apps like BYJU’S make concepts of physics, chemistry and biology so simple by making use of 3D graphics images, creative videos/images. India’s best science teachers keep the sessions interactive, give tasks and assignments to the students so that the students are through with the chapters. Students can take up practice test and challenge themselves in quizzes to practice to perfection.

Importance of science:

  • Technology – Communication (phone) and entertainment (TV)
  • Medicine – To cure and prevent diseases
  • Transportation – To make life easier to travel
  • Agriculture – Traditional agricultural techniques/equipments to modern techniques/equipments
  • Space exploration – Satellite, rocket science, nuclear weapons
  • Electricity – Traditional methods from coal to conventional methods

How the app works:

  1. Attend session conducted by India’s best teachers
  2. Learn in 30 minutes
  3. Practice chapter wise till you are perfect
  4. Results are shared with parents/ mentors

Science education for all the students from different classes irrespective of syllabus (CBSE, ICSE) is given online. Topic wise science solution, science notes, assignments are provided to the students who take up the BYJU’S course. Download the best science learning app now

Download the app from the link given below.


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