Important Tips to Finish Maths Paper on Time: CBSE Board Exam 2020

Mathematics is a subject that seems like a nightmare to most students. Due to this fear, students often find it very difficult to score good marks in maths exams. However, if students know all the concepts of the subject properly and know all the tricks and techniques, maths becomes one of the most interesting and scoring subjects.

The CBSE board examination is one of the most important stages of their academic career. Most students face problems finishing the exam paper on time. Students are forced to leave some questions just because they run out of time. It becomes very disappointing for students when they have to skip such easy math questions.

Some important tips for writing the CBSE Board Math exam so that students are able to finish their exam on time are given below.

Know the exam pattern

The very first step that students should take is to be completely familiar with the exam pattern. They must analyze the exam pattern properly and plan a strategy to prepare for the final examination. Understanding the exam pattern properly will familiarise them with the marking scheme and the structure they will face in the maths exam. Students will also get to know about the question types and the difficulty level of questions which will make it easier for them during the final exam day and save a lot of crucial time.

Follow an exam strategy

After knowing the exam pattern of the maths paper, the next thing that students must do is to make a well-planned preparation strategy according to the exam pattern. Students must check the type and the number of questions asked in the exam, along with the mark breakup. They must set time for all the topics of the exam in a timetable and follow it strictly. Students are also advised to make a proper strategy for their final exam. They must make a proper time division for the exam so that they can attempt all the questions on time.

Utilise the first 15 minutes of the exam effectively

One of the best things about the CBSE board is that it offers 15 minutes of reading time to every student before they start writing the examination. Students can use these 15 minutes to prepare a strategy on how to write the paper. They should read the full question paper thoroughly and mark the questions into categories like tough, medium, and easy. This will help them to get an overall idea about the question paper and prepare a rough plan.

Don’t be afraid of tough questions

While going through the CBSE board maths question paper, students can come across some questions that seem to be complex or tough. They are advised not to worry and be afraid of such situations as it will only create panic in them and harm their performance. Students must start with the easier questions and as they proceed to solve them correctly, they will gain enough confidence to solve the tough questions as well.

Understand the importance of each problem

While writing the maths question paper, students must know clearly how many marks a question carries and how much time it will take to solve the question. This will prevent them from wasting precious time on a question carrying fewer marks. They can use this time to solve some questions with more marks which might be left unattempted due to lack of time.

Maintain proper speed and accuracy

One of the best ways to develop speed and accuracy is by solving CBSE Class 10 sample papers for maths and previous year question papers during the time of preparation. During the time of the exam, students must not get confused between two dissimilar topics. They should try to use shortcut techniques and quick calculation methods, which can save them crucial time. Students are especially suggested to be fully careful with terms and signs used in a question, as it may lead to an incorrect answer and a waste of time for the student.

Always keep track of time

Students are suggested to always keep an eye on their watch, as it will help them to keep track of the time and the questions left to solve. Keeping an eye on time will also let students know how much time they are spending on each question and write the exam accordingly.

Along with hard work and dedication, students must follow an exam preparation strategy to excel in the exam. Students are suggested to study hard and prepare smart so that they definitely succeed in their examinations. Stay tuned with BYJU’S to get the latest news and notification on CBSE Exam along with the syllabus, sample papers, marking scheme, date sheet and other exam-related details.


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