Plant Growth and Development Class 11 Notes - Chapter 15

Like animals, even plants undergo growth and development. But unlike animals which have a definite lifespan, most plants can grow indefinitely. But how exactly is growth defined?

Plant Growth and Development

Growth is defined as an irreversible change in physical form. In plants, a combination of cell growth and cell division results in an almost indefinite growth. This ability is due to the presence of tissues called meristems at certain parts of the plant body.

Plant Growth Regulators

Plant growth regulators are essentially hormones that control various functions related to the growth and development of the plant. They can be of two types, namely:

  1. Growth Inhibitors
    1. abscisic acid
    2. Benzoic acid
    3. Salicylic acid
    4. Coumarin
  2. Growth Promotors
    1. Auxins
    2. Gibberellins
    3. Cytokinins

Growth Inhibitors, as the name suggests, inhibit the growth of plants and induce dormancy. Growth Promoters promote flowering, the formation of seeds, cell division etc.

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