Forests: Our Lifeline Class 7 Science Notes - Chapter 17

Many products in our day to day life are obtained from forests. Forest is an environment which is a place of living for micro-organisms, plants, and animals. The uppermost layer of the forest is formed by trees and followed by shrubs. The lowest level of vegetation is formed by herbs. These various layers of vegetation provide shelter and food for insects, animals, and birds. There are various components in a forest. These components are interdependent on each other. Forests grow, changes, and regenerates. A place where living organisms, air, soil, and water interact with one another. Soil erosion is protected by the forest. Forest-dwelling communities consider forest as a lifeline. The quality of air, water cycle, and climate are influenced by forest.

Forests Our Lifeline Class 7 Important Questions

  1. How do forest-dwelling animals help it regenerate and grow?
  2. There is no waste in the forest. Why?
  3. How can forests prevent floods?
  4. Can you name five products obtained from the forest?
  5. Should we be worried about the issues and conditions related to the forest away from us? Why?
  6. Fill in the blanks –
    1. Micro-organisms produce _______ when they act upon the dead plants.
    2. Forests act as a purifier of and ____________ and ____________.
    3. _______ layer in the forest is formed by herbs.
  1. State true or false –
    1. Gum is a forest product.
    2. Soil does not help forests to grow and regenerate
    3. Having a variety of plants and animals in the forest is important.

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