Revision Notes For Class 11 Economics Chapter 6 Rural Development

Rural development is the chapter that is closely associated with the 4t chapter, that is poverty. This chapter teaches – what is rural development, credit and marketing in rural areas – credit, poor women’s bank, rural banking : a critical appraisal, agricultural market system, emerging alternative marketing channels, diversification into productive activities, animal husbandry, fisheries, horticulture, other alternate livelihood options, sustainable development and organic farming, organic food, benefits of organic farming, organically produced cotton, conclusion.

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Economics Notes Chapter 6: Rural Development


What are the types of ‘Rural Industries’?

1. Agriculture Industries.2. Forest Industries.3. Hand loom industries.4. Rural cooperatives in India.5. Rural self-help groups.


What are the benefits of organic farming?

1. Reduces pesticide and chemical residues in soil.2. More nutritional value compared to conventionally grown products.3. Tastes better than non organic food.4. Promotes animal welfare.


What is ‘Sustainable development’?

Sustainable development is defined as an approach to developing or growing by using resources in a way that allows for them to renew or continue to exist for others.


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