Biology Revision Notes For Class 12 Chapter 1 Reproduction In Organism

Reproduction is the most crucial aspect if a species wants to continue its lineage. And over the course of billions of years of evolution, there are 2 ways that have emerged for organisms to reproduce – asexual and sexual reproduction. The very first organisms probably reproduced asexually.

Organisms such as the single-celled amoeba reproduce by binary fission, and more complex, multicellular organisms such as bears and wolverines reproduce by sexual reproduction. Discover more about this process, the intricates, advantages, disadvantages and the mechanisms by exploring our PDF, Chapter 1 – Reproduction in Organism. Furthermore, this content is crafted to enable easy reading and comprehension.

Revision notes for Biology class 12 Chapter 1

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 12 Biology Notes Chapter 1: Reproduction in Organism


What is ‘Budding’?

A form of asexual reproduction in which a new individual develops from some generative anatomical point of the parent organism.


What is a ‘Hydra’?

Genus of invertebrate freshwater animals of the class Hydrozoa (phylum Cnidaria) is called a ‘Hydra’.


What is an ‘Embryo’?

An unborn human or animal in the earliest stages of growth when its basic structures are being formed is called as an ‘Embryo’.


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