Physics Revision Notes for Class 12 for Chapter 15 Communication Systems

Every organism in the world needs to impart or receive information continuously with others in order to survive. Hence, it is worthwhile to look at the major events in history that prompted developments in communication. This chapter discusses the major milestones in events that prompted the development. The aim of this chapter is to introduce concepts of communication such as :

  • Concepts of communication
  • Mode of communication
  • Need for modulation
  • Detection and production of amplitude modulation

We have provided here a concise CBSE class 12 physics revision notes for chapter 15 communication systems to help students score better marks in the exam.

CBSE Class 12 Physics Chapter 15 Notes 

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 12 Physics Notes Chapter 15: Communication Systems


What is ‘Electronic communication’?

Electronic communication is any form of communication that’s broadcast, transmitted, stored or viewed using electronic media, such as computers, phones, email and video.


What is a ‘Trasmission channel’?

A path between two nodes in a network. It may refer to the physical cable, the signal transmitted within the cable or to a subchannel within a carrier frequency.


What is an ‘Analog signal’?

An analog signal is a continuous signal in which one time-varying quantity represents another time-based variable.


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