Revision Notes For CBSE Class 9 Math Chapter -3 Coordinate Geometry

A coordinate geometry can be simply defined as a branch of geometry, where the position of the points on the plane is defined with the help of an ordered pair of numbers known as coordinates.

In the coordinate system, a coordinate graph contains a rectangular grid with two coordinate lines called as axes. The horizontal position is represented by X -coordinate and its vertical position is represented by Y- coordinate. They are typically written as an ordered pair (X, Y).

Listed below are some applications or uses of the coordinate geometry.

Coordinate Geometry is mainly used for:

  • Calculating the distance between the two given points.
  • To describe the equations of different geometric figures.
  • Finding the equation, midpoint, or slope of a line segment.
  • For calculating the area and the perimeter of a given polygon.
  • To conclude the given set of lines are parallel or perpendicular.

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