Physics Class 12 Chapter 1 Notes

Electric charge is described as the physical properties of matter which allows it to experience a special kind of force when kept under the influence of an electromagnetic field. The two kinds of electric charges are (+ve) positive and negative(-ve) charges. Having said that, students come across the topic of electric charge and fields in chapter 1of class 12 physics textbook. Students will also explore different concepts like electrostatics, basic properties of electric charge, methods of charging, Coulomb’s law, superposition principle, etc. While there are many concepts to learn and remember, we are offering free physics class 12 chapter 1 notes here to help students revise the complete chapter in less time. These CBSE notes have been thoughtfully prepared by our subject experts and every concept are written and explained in a simple language. These notes further follow the latest CBSE syllabus and provide a precise overview of the complete chapter. Additionally, the notes include important derivations, formulas, and definition which the students can refer and study effectively.

Some of the related topics discussed in this chapter include;

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