CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 6 New Questions and Ideas Important Questions

From the story of Buddha to Upanishads, Six schools of Indian Philosophy and Jainism the concepts covered by Chapter 6 of CBSE Class 6 History are interesting. We have also provided the CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 6 New Questions and Ideas Important Questions that have been framed based on the main concepts of the Chapter. Solving these CBSE Class 6 important questions from History Chapter 6 will help the students to revise the subject well and score high in the exam. Prepared by analysing the sample papers and main topics of the Chapter, most of these question types are more likely to be asked in the question paper. Hence, these questions are the best resources for any student to prepare for the exam.

The link to download the CBSE Class 6 Important Questions for History Chapter 6 is given below in this article.

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New Questions and Ideas

1. Why was the Stupa at Sarnath built?

2. What was the language used to compose the Vedas?

3. Write briefly about the story of Kisagotami.

4. Define atman and brahman.

5. What were the six schools of Indian Philosophy?

6. Write about Panini, the grammarian.

7. Define the word Jaina. Why do you think the term Jina was used for Mahavira?

8. In what way was the system of ashramas different from life in the sangha?

9. What are the varnas mentioned here? Were all four varnas allowed to participate in the system of ashramas?

10. Describe the ways in which the Buddha tried to spread his message to the people.

11. Sarnath is important because it was the place where the Buddha taught for the first time. True or False?

12. The Buddha encouraged animal sacrifices. True or False?

13. What were the questions that Upanishadic thinkers wanted to answer?

14. What were the main teachings of the Mahavira?

15. Do you think it would have been easy for slaves to join the sangha? Give reasons for your answer.

16. Vardhamana Mahavira was a kshatriya prince of the _________

17. What was the language used to propagate the teachings of Buddhism and Jainism?

19. Write a short note about Gautama Buddha.

20. Mention the ways used by Buddha to spread his message to the people.

21.  Which language did Buddha use to communicate with the people?
(a) Hindi
(b) English
(c) Sanskrit
(d) Prakrit

22.  In which state is Valabhi situated?
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Jammu and Kashmir
(c) Gujarat
(d) Delhi

23. When was Gautam Buddha born?
(a) About 100o years ago
(b) About 1500 years ago
(c) About 3000 years ago
(d) About 2500 years ago


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