CBSE Books for Class 3

CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education is the standard board of education in India and is recognized by both central and state governments with the aim to assets the academic issues related to school education. The most important objective of the CBSE board is to fulfil the student&’s educational requirements whose parents are employed in central government departments. This board of education follows the nationalized syllabus along with additional subject matter.

Class 3 is the preliminary stage of a student’s education, and here they learn the basics. The syllabus of CBSE class 3 is designed according to certain educational standards and by providing all the important information about particular subjects. The subjects of class 3 include English, Hindi, Maths, and Environmental science.

We at BYJU&’S provide all the important study materials for CBSE class 3 students to get an idea about the subject from an early age.

The below listed are the reference books for CBSE class 3 subjects.

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