Schools To Run Extra Classes for CBSE 10 and 12 Students

The Education Directorate has urged the government schools to conduct extra classes for class 10 and 12 students. The extra classes will be conducted for 1 hour to benefit the weaker students. It will help in completing the syllabus of class 10 and 12 on time and also to improve the board exam result.

According to sources, the class teacher will be responsible for taking the permission from the parents for conducting the extra classes. The school head or principal will decide the subjects that needs to be taught in the class and they will prepare a study schedule for the students. In these extra classes attention will be given to the weaker students. Teachers will try to clear students’ doubts and make them understand the topics in an easier way. Also, homework will be given to the students and a daily record will be maintained by the teachers.

This is an initiative taken by the Education Directorate to improve the overall performance of the students. Through these extra classes weaker students will gain confidence to perform in the exam. Also, they will become more connected with the teacher and would be able to ask their doubts without any hesitation. This will help in their studies and also enhance their interest towards the subject.

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