CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses - 1 MCQ

CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses – 1

The CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses – I with Answers, is the best study material for students to practise the multiple-choice questions. The weightage of MCQs to be asked in the upcoming board exam is increased. So, it becomes crucial for students to properly prepare for the multiple-choice questions from each chapter. By practising the CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 5, The Hundred Dresses – I, students will understand the type of MCQs that can be appeared from this chapter and their difficulty level. To help students practise well, we have included the CBSE Class 10 English MCQs of easy, moderate and difficult levels on this page.

CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses – I with Answers

The Hundred Dresses – I MCQs Based on the Extract

Extract 1: She always wore a faded blue dress that didn’t hang right. It was clean, but it looked as though it had never been ironed properly. She didn’t have any friends, but a lot of girls talked to her. Sometimes, they surrounded her in the schoolyard as she stood watching the little girls play hopscotch on the worn hard ground. “Wanda,’’ Peggy would say in a most courteous manner, as though she were talking to Miss Mason. “Wanda,” she’d say, giving one of her friends a nudge, “tell us. How many dresses did you say you had hanging up in your closet?”

Q1) Peggy gave her friend a nudge because

a) she wanted to push her away from the scene.

b) she disliked her friend being distracted then.

c) she was teasing Wanda and wanted her to make others pay attention.

d) she was teasing Wanda and didn’t want anyone to miss the ‘fun’.

Correct Answer: Option (d)

Q2) The ‘most courteous manner’ here means that Peggy was

a) on her best behaviour.

b) teasing Wanda.

c) trying to impress Wanda.

d) respectful to Wanda.

Correct Answer: Option (b)

Q3) Why was Wanda’s answer to Peggy’s question always the same? Pick the LEAST probable reason.

This was so because she knew that

a) she was being picked on, and it was probably her defence.

b) confessing the truth would probably worsen the situation.

c) she didn’t know how else to get out of that situation.

d) sticking to an unexpected answer would get her the attention she needed.

Correct Answer: Option (d)

Q4) Pick the option having the words that DO NOT loosely match the word ‘closet’ from those given.

1) wardrobe, 2) loft, 3) cabinet, 4) cupboard, 5) porch, 6) cellar

a) 1, 3 and 4

b) 3, 4 and 5

c) 1, 2 and 6

d) 2, 5 and 6

Correct Answer: Option (a)

Q5) Regarding Wanda being teased, Miss Mason was

a) in denial that such behaviour was possible by her students.

b) aware but didn’t want to discuss it with the students.

c) unaware that the students were frequently teasing Wanda.

d) of the belief that such behaviour was a normal part of growing up.

Correct Answer: Option (c)

Q6) Which of the following images showcase ‘hopscotch’?

CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses-I

Correct Answer: Option (d)

Extract 2:

“In the opinion of the judges, any one of the drawings is worthy of winning the prize. I am very happy to say that Wanda Petronski is the winner of the girls’ medal. Unfortunately, Wanda has been absent from school for some days and is not here to receive the applause that is due to her. Let us hope she will be back tomorrow. Now, class, you may file around the room quietly and look at her exquisite drawings.”

Q1) Miss Mason says, “I am very happy to …”. Which phrase DOES NOT replace this phrase correctly from those given below?

a) It gives me great pleasure to…

b) I am sure you’ll be surprised to…

c) I am delighted to…

d) It fills me with joy to…

Correct Answer: Option (b)

Q2) Pick the statement that is TRUE, according to the information given in the extract.

a) Wanda won the prize because she had submitted a variety of entries.

b) Wanda would have still won the prize even if she had submitted just one entry.

c) Wanda won the prize because the majority of judges were women.

d) Wanda would have still won the prize if she had drawn something else.

Correct Answer: Option (b)

Q3) When the teacher wants them to ‘file around’, she wants the students to

a) put the files in their proper places.

b) gather around her table to discuss the designs.

c) file the designs properly in their folders.

d) walk in a line to admire the designs.

Correct Answer: Option (d)

Q4) Pick the sentence that DOES NOT use ‘due to’ in the same sense as in the given extract.

a) She was disappointed due to their rude behaviour.

b) We must give our colleagues vacation due to them.

c) I have some extra money due to me this month from my friend.

d) You have an apology due to your parents.

Correct Answer: Option (a)

Q5) The teacher refers to Wanda’s designs as ‘exquisite’ because

a) each one of the hundred designs was different.

b) each one of them was very beautiful.

c) each of them was a copy of the latest fashion trend.

d) each one had the same colour theme as the other.

Correct Answer: Option (b)

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