Time Management During Your Exam !


With board exams just a few months away, students need to gear up for D-day! Time management is crucial, along with studying for board examinations, students need to prepare for various competitive exams which decide their career.

‘Time management’ is an art which some students naturally possess, while for others learning to effectively manage their time is very important. Being a board exam student, these tips help you to manage your time effectively and efficiently.

1. Priority

Students need to make a ‘to-do’ list which comprises chapters/topics which has to be studied completed first and the topics which can be studied later.

2. Adaptability

Some students prefer to study early in the morning, whereas some study only at night. If you are not able to follow this set schedule due to an unexpected reason, be flexible to adjust the time. Time is precious, and wasting it is definitely not advisable.

3. Do not burden

When following a schedule, give sufficient time to eating, sleeping and relaxation. With an overload of studies, you will gradually lose concentration and do not have the enthusiasm to study more. Take short breaks in between to refresh your mind.

4. Study techniques

Using various techniques is helpful when studying for board exams. These techniques help you to simplify and easy remembrance of complicated topics.

  • ‘Pomodoro’ technique- It is a time management method which involves studying for 25 minutes and taking a short break followed by another 25 minutes of studying. It has been proven that this method improves mental agility.
  • Mind mapping – It is a diagram to visually organize information. A mind map has to be created around a single concept and stretched into branches. This technique helps to retain the concepts for a longer time.
  • Mnemonic technique – It is a learning technique which involves aiding information retention in memory by using the auditory form. For instance, the colours in a rainbow are known as VIBGYOR or Knuckle mnemonic to know the number of days in each month, where each knuckle represents a 31-day month.

5. Set goals

Having a vision is very important. Aim higher as it is the motivating factor. Always work harder to attain the goal.

Time Management Tips for Class 10 Board Exam:

Time is the most valuable asset. Plan well and study better. These tips help you to manage your time effectively and efficiently.


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