NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Maths Solutions for Chapter 13 - Probability

NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Maths Chapter 13 Probability, are provided here for students to practice and prepare for the exam. The exemplar can be downloaded freely in the form of a PDF and as students can make use of it to get an insight into important topics, theories, and answers to all the difficult chapter questions.

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Class 12 Maths NCERT Exemplar Problems on Probability

Probability is an important topic in mathematics and students will learn about this concept in different classes. In class 12, students will study the important concept of the conditional probability of an event. However, the main objective of this chapter is to help students examine the basic rules of probability once again and clearly understand concepts like the random variable, probability distribution, binomial distribution, Bayes’ theorem, independence of events, and multiplication rule of probability.

The important topics covered in chapter 12 are;

  • Introduction
  • Conditional Probability
  • Properties of conditional probability
  • Multiplication Theorem on Probability
  • Independent Events
  • Bayes’ Theorem
  • Partition of a sample space
  • Theorem of total probability
  • Random Variables and Probability Distributions
  • Probability distribution of a random variable
  • Mean of a random variable
  • Variance of a random variable
  • Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution

To help students quickly and easily grasp all the topics given in this chapter, NCERT exemplar problems and solutions are provided here. Apparently, the exemplar will help students stay ahead in the class as they will be able to find solutions faster, solve problems effectively, revise thoroughly and even perform excellently in the exams.

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