NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Maths Solutions for Chapter 9 - Differential Equations

NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Maths Chapter 9 Differential Equations, students will need to familiarize with fundamental concepts associated with the differential equation. Students will also learn about the solutions of a differential equation, the creation of differential equations and its applications in different areas and some of the important methods to solve a first order – first-degree differential equation as well.

Class 12 Maths NCERT Exemplar Problems on Differential Equations

NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Maths Chapter 9 Differential Equations, available here covering topics such as;

  • Introduction
  • Basic Concepts Order of a differential equation
  • Degree of a differential equation
  • Form a differential equation that will represent a given family of curves
  • Solving First Order, First Degree Differential Equations Methods
  • Differential equations with variables separable
  • Homogeneous differential equations
  • Linear differential equations

While these are the primary objectives, free exemplar problems and solutions for class 12 maths chapter 9 is provided here which will help students gain better insight into solving different types of problems. The exemplar includes detailed explanations and accurate answers to all the questions given at the end of the chapter making it an easy task for students. They can further use the exemplar to complete their class assignments, study productively and prepare well for their board examinations.

Students can download the pdf of NCERT exemplar problems, prepared by experts in accordance with CBSE syllabus. These materials carry solved questions which will help to resolve the difficulties students face while solving the NCERT book exercise questions.

Students are provided with NCERT solutions, notes, question papers and other learning materials, online for free, where they can find content for chapter 9. Also, students are suggested to solve previous year question papers and sample papers of 12th class Maths subject, to know the question pattern and marking scheme for chapter Differential Equations.

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