RD Sharma Solutions Class 10 Co ordinate Geometry Chapter 14

RD Sharma Solutions Class 10 Chapter 14 – Free PDF Download

Coordinate geometry is the geometrical method of describing the position on the plane using an ordered pair of numbers. It is the link between geometry and algebra through graphs involving curves and lines. A French mathematician Rene Descartes introduced the concept of the coordinate geometry to explain geometry and algebra together. The coordinate system is mainly used for locating the position of a point and is plotted as an ordered pair (x, y) on a graph known as coordinates. The X axis is the horizontal number line. All positive values should be on the right side and negative values on the left side. Y-axis is the vertical number. All positive values should be above the origin and negative values below the origin. O is the point of intersection of both X and Y axis is known as origin. The formulae used to calculate the distance between two points is: AB2 = (Bc * Ax) 2 + (By * Ay) 2. Practice problems on coordinate geometry through solved RD Sharma solutions to have a better understanding of the topic.

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