Biomolecules Class 11 Notes - Chapter 9

The topic of biomolecules in class 11 biology mainly explains the different types of biomolecules and their importance in living organisms. This topic is not only important for the class 11 exam but also several questions are asked from this chapter in the competitive exams.

To help the students to understand this topic properly, here the biomolecular notes for class 11 are provided. Students can check these notes and learn this chapter in a more effective way. Along with the notes, some important questions related to biomolecules are also provided.

These notes given here are easily understandable and engaging. The students are suggested to go through these notes thoroughly to understand biomolecules and its fundamentals completely. Students can also check Byju’s video lessons to learn various topics in a more effective way.

Biomolecules Class 11 Notes – Questions

  1. Define macromolecules with an example.
  2. Diagrammatically represent a glycosidic bond.
  3. What are secondary metabolites?
  4. What are proteins?
  5. Expand RuBisCO.
  6. What are Polysaccharides? State two examples.
  7. What is a nucleotide?
  8. Define Metabolism.
  9. What is ATP? State its function.
  10. Explain anabolic pathways
  11. State the factors influencing enzyme activity.
  12. What is a competitive inhibitor?
  13. Briefly describe the classification of enzymes.
  14. List the important characteristics of enzymes.


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