Is Matter Around Us Pure Class 9 Notes - Chapter 2

We do know that matter is made up of particles which are arranged in a certain way. Gases particles are well separated and can freely move about, solids, on the other hand, have particles that are tightly packed, usually with no scope to move around.

What is a Mixture?

Is the matter around us pure? Technically, no. Matter is a combination of two or more pure forms of matter. The air that we breathe is a mixture. It contains oxygen, nitrogen and other trace gases. Here, no chemical reaction takes places and the components of the mixture retain its chemical identity. Another aspect is that a mixture takes on physical properties that vary from all the other components in the mixture. For instance, when water and alcohol are mixed together, it may have boiling points which are very different from either of the two.

What is a Solution?

A solution is usually a combination of two or more components, namely the solvent and the solute. Here, the solute is evenly distributed in the solvent. It is also called as a homogenous mixture. However, not all solutions are liquid, alloys, which are a combination of two or more metals is considered to be a homogenous mixture.

Questions on Is Matter Around Us Pure Class 9

  1. Define matter.
  2. What is a saturated solution? Give example.
  3. Provide an example of a homogenous mixture.
  4. State few examples of chemical changes.
  5. Provide a relevant example of a Tyndall effect.

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