Revision Notes For Class 12 Biology Chapter 12 Biotechnology And Its Applications

Ever since the inception of biotechnology, its applications have been debated with polarizing opinions. It solves many of the problems and inconveniences that we face. But on the other hand, these advantages come at a cost – it could potentially be bad for our health and may negatively affect our environment.

Then, there is the aspect of morality and ethical dilemma. Cloning may be frowned upon in some countries and human experimentation is considered a complete taboo. But the findings from their study may have very beneficial implications, some even life-saving. Discover more applications of biotechnology by exploring Biology Revision Notes Class 12 Chapter 12 – Biotechnology and its Applications right here on BYJU’s.

CBSE Notes for Class Biology Chapter 12 Biotechnology And Its Applications

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 12 Biology Notes Chapter 12: Biotechnology and Its Applications


What are the uses of ‘Biotechnology’?

Biotechnology is particularly important in the field of medicine, where it facilitates the production of therapeutic proteins and other medication.


What is ‘GMO’?

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism in which the genetic material has been changed through biotechnology in a way that does not occur naturally by multiplication and/or natural recombination.


What is ‘Cloning’?

Cloning is a technique scientists use to make exact genetic copies of living things.


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