Class 9 Science Revision Notes

Science is considered as one of the core subjects in the academics that needs a lot of attention and revision. At BYJU’S we provide the revision notes for Class 9 Science that surely helps the students to remember main points. Revision is a main aspect to be kept in mind while studying. A good revision session is a main aspect to score well and succeed in the studies. Students who neglect revision normally end up scoring less marks.

How is BYJU’S revision notes useful for the students?

  • Making revision notes helps you to organise your learning
  • BYJU’S Revision notes certainly helps students to score well in their class 9 examinations
  • Students have to learn well to remember main topics of syllabus
  • It helps you to identify the significant points to learn for the examinations

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Science

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science, chapter wise is given below that is helpful for revising.

Chapters Name of the Chapter
Chapter 1 Matter in our surroundings
Chapter 2 Is matter around us pure?
Chapter 3 Atoms and molecules
Chapter 4 Structure of the atom
Chapter 5 The fundamental unit of life
Chapter 6 Tissues
Chapter 7 Diversity in living organisms
Chapter 8 Motion
Chapter 9 Force and law of motion
Chapter 10 Gravitation
Chapter 11 Work and energy
Chapter 12 Sound
Chapter 13 Why do we fall ill?
Chapter 14 Natural resources
Chapter 15 Improvement in food resources

The above mentioned is the CBSE syllabus for class 9 Science which is helpful in revision. For more revision notes visit BYJU’S or download the app for the best learning experience.

Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 9 Science Revision: Notes

What are the types of ‘Natural resources’?

Natural resources include oil, coal, natural gas, metals, stone and sand. Air, sunlight, soil and water are other natural resources.

What is ‘Matter’?

A common definition of matter is “anything that has mass and volume (occupies space)”

Why is ‘Diversity’ important?

Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter how small, all organisms have an important role to play.

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