Work Energy And Power Class 11 Notes PDF

Work, power, and energy are among the most important concepts of mechanics. A moving car, walking upstairs, lifting heavy objects, an airplane flying, etc are among the most common examples that give us insight into the concept of work, power, and energy. There are few common notions of work, power, and energy that can be precisely defined in physics. These notions and measurements can be utilized to define and predict the motion and behavior of bodies.

Work is the measurement of energy transfer that takes place when an object is displaced by an external force applied in the direction of the displacement. The rate of doing work is called power. The capacity of doing work is called Energy. It may exist in kinetic, potential, thermal, chemical, electrical, nuclear, or various other forms. The SI unit of energy is same as that of work. These work energy and power class 11 notes pdf are crucial because this unit is like a connecting pin to the past and other forthcoming units of Mechanics.

Work, Power, and Energy are among the most important topics included in mechanics that the students can never overlook, irrespective of whether they are preparing for their class 11th or other competitive exams like JEE Mains and Advanced, VITEEE, DCE, EAMCET or BITSAT in particular. The students need to be well versed with the concepts included in this unit to gain a smooth understanding of few other concepts included in Mechanics as well. The students can prepare all the important concepts included in this unit by referring to the work energy and power class 11 notes pdf from the links mentioned below:

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Which one of the following graphs represents correctly the variation of the gravitational field (I) with the distance (r) from the centre of a spherical shell of mass M and radius a