CBSE Sample Paper for Class 6 Maths

CBSE Sample papers for class 6 Maths is an effective and useful resource to obtain good grades in class 6 Maths exams. The set of CBSE sample papers provide every important question along with the solution to exercise questions of maths textbooks for every unit. You can also know the marks allotment for every unit, adhered by the Central Board of secondary education.

Practicing Maths sample papers will give you more confidence by practicing different kinds of problems and make you remember all the formulas. You get an idea of how a particular can be asked in a variety of ways and different marks allotment and moreover, you also get used to NCERT solutions for maths problems of CBSE class 6.

Now the student is no more required to practice n number of practice papers and worksheets since Byju’s bring all the class 6 maths question paper with solutions for you and download free sample papers for class 6 Maths.

Download CBSE Sample Papers for Class 6 Maths:

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 6 Maths

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If we consider the angle made between the hour hand and the minute hand, which of the following times make an acute angle?