CBSE Class 7 Civics Chapter 9 Struggles for Equality Important Questions

History is full of examples of people who have come together to fight against inequality and for issues of justice. Here, in Chapter 9 of CBSE Class 7 Civics, students will get to learn about some of the ways in which people have struggled against inequality. One of the best ways to understand the Chapter thoroughly is to solve these CBSE Class 7 Civics Chapter 9 Struggles for Equality Important Questions that we have compiled. These Questions also help students to revise the Chapter completely.

Click on the link provided below in this article to download the PDF format of the CBSE Important Questions for Class 7 Civics Chapter 9. Students can access these questions from the link below and start preparing for the exam.

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Struggles for Equality

1. What do you think is meant by the expression ‘power over the ballot box’? Discuss.

2. Why are so many people’s lives in India highly unequal? Give reasons.

3. What issue is the Tawa Matsya Sangh (TMS) fighting for?

4. Why did the villagers set up this Tawa Matsya Sangh?

5. Do you think that the large-scale participation of villagers has contributed to the success of the TMS? Write two lines on why you think so.

6. What role does the Constitution play in people’s struggles for equality?

7. Why were Ansaris discriminated against? State reason.

8. Dalit, Adivasi and Muslim girls drop out of school in large numbers. Why? Give reasons.

9. What is Tawa Matsya Sangh (TMS)?

10. Originating in the __________ of Chindwara district, the Tawa flows through Betul, before joining the __________ in Hoshangabad.

11. The __________ began to be built in 1958 and was completed in _________.

12. In 1996, which government decided to give to the people displaced by the Tawa dam the fishing rights for the reservoir?

13. Mention any situation when one person or a group came together to change an unequal situation.

14. Indian constitution recognises all Indians as _________________ before the law.

15. Increasing privatisation of health services has made it difficult for poor people to get good quality health care. True/ False?

16. Give reasons for why people living in India are so unequal.

17. Discrimination is made on the basis of a person’s caste, sex and religion. True or False?

18. Give a reason for why some people are well known and respected in some communities.

19. Why were the old Tehri town and many villages near that river submerged?

20. How does the Indian constitution justify our rights to equality?

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