CBSE Class 7 Civics Chapter 6 Understanding Media Important Questions

Do you have a favourite TV programme? What do you listen to on the radio? Which newspaper or magazine do you usually read? Do you browse the internet and what have you found most useful about it? Now, there is one word that is often used to collectively refer to the radio, TV, newspapers, Internet and several other forms of communication. This word is ‘media’. In Chapter 6 of CBSE Class 7, you will read more about the media and find out what is required to make it work. You will as well find the ways in which the media affects our daily lives. We have compiled here CBSE Class 7 Civics Chapter 6 Understanding Media Important Questions, which you can solve to prepare for the exams.

These questions cover all the major concepts of the Chapter hence, revising becomes easy. Find below in this article, the link to download the PDF format of the CBSE Important Questions of Class 7 Civics Chapter 6.

Download CBSE Class 7 Civics Chapter 6 Understanding Media Important Questions PDF

Understanding Media

1. Define the term “media.” Explain what is “mass media?”

2. Why do you think newspapers are called print media, while TV and radio are referred to as electronic media?

3. What are the ways in which Mass Media earn money?

4. The ____________offers a large variety of information to suit the tastes of different readers.

5. What is referred to as censorship?

6. What does TV do to us and what can we do with TV?

7. What is the consequence of the media ‘setting the agenda’ by reporting on the Fashion Week rather than the slum demolitions?

8. What is social advertising?

9. In what ways does the media play an important role in a democracy?

10. You have read about the ways in which the media ‘sets the agenda’. What kind of effect does this have in a democracy? Provide two examples to support your point of view.

11. Explain the terms, “Publish” and “Broadcast.”

12. What is a public protest?

13. Describe how the media is far from independent these days.

14. Which are the different products advertised during your favourite TV programme? Name any five.

15. What was the role of the media in awakening us about the bad impacts of cola on our health?

16. Media is not interested in covering small issues that involve ordinary people and their daily life. Why? Give reasons.

17. What are the main uses of the internet?

18. Give examples of Mass Media.

19. The technology used by mass media keeps on _____________________

20. How is the modernisation of media beneficial for us?

21.  What is the Government control over the media known as?
(a) Factdal
(b) Independence
(c) Censorship
(d) Emergency

22. The main source of income of media is _____
(a) Articles
(b) Advertisements
(c) General news
(d) None of these



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