CBSE class 10 board examination, the first major hurdle in any student’s life.  First board exam experience for students who have never seen such a vast arrangements and preparation for final exams. They will write exam in another school, different from their school.  After scoring good in their X boards, they are able to choose their choice of stream for XI class.

All those who are awaiting their exams undergo a plethora of thoughts triggered by anxiety and tensions for the most part. Sometimes they get puzzled with the vast syllabus they need to grasp in order to excel the exams and end up being in a jumbled state of mind altogether. Lack of time management, lack of concentration etc are some of the causes that lead to such situation. To overcome this situation, one must needs to plan his/her studying schedule and follow it regularly with a calm mind.

Time Management Tips for Class 10 Board Exam:

It’s better to start your board preparation right from the beginning of the session since this is the foremost exam in one’s life that they do not want to enter into exam hall with a depressed and stressed mind. Follow some of the given below points to yield positive results.

Follow a proper schedule

Time Management is one of the important thing while preparing for exams. Make up a timetable to give adequate time to each subject. This will help you in ease out your preparations with minimized pressure.

30 Days Study Plan To Ace Your Class 10 Board Exam

Knowledge of syllabus

Know your syllabus first so that you get a way to plan accordingly. Google some important topics from particular subject and start preparing.


Continuous studying will boggle your mind that can hinder the whole preparation process. It’s better to take some small breaks in between your chapters and do some fun activities that will relax your mind.

Solve Sample Papers

It’s always better if you are aware of the exam format. This will help you to encounter in the near future by solving sample papers and previous year question paper which follow the same pattern that CBSE Class X board exam follows.

Sleep well

Give proper rest to your body as well as mind, get good and healthy sleep of 8 hours daily. If you will not get a good sleep, you may fall asleep and you may not concentrate on your studies. In order to give your learning process a fresh brain, have a healthy sleep.

By following these tips, you are sure to find a more productive and organized frame to prepare for their board exams and also helps in achieving amazing results.


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