CBSE Schools to Manage Class 9 and 11 Admissions till 15 Aug of this Academic Year

CBSE, the Central Board of Secondary Education have sent out a notification about the change in schedule for admission to classes 9 and 11 in its entire affiliated schools. The board has informed the schools that they can manage the admissions for classes 9 and 11 for the current academic session till 15 Aug 2019, beyond which all admission cases for these two classes will be handled by the board itself. In such cases, schools will have to send all the details about the particular case to the Regional office.

CBSE also informed that schedule has been revised for seven categories including:

  1. Family shifting
  2. Shifting to hostel
  3. Shifting from hostel
  4. Readmission to other schools after failing in these two classes
  5. For better education
  6. Long distance
  7. Medical ground

Given below is the revised schedule for admission to CBSE Classes 9 and 11:

Categories Revised Admission Schedule Processing Charge
Category of Admissions- S. No. 4 to 10 i) Up to 15thAugust of the academic session No action at the end of CBSE and no processing charges
ii) W.e.f. 16th August up to 30th September of the academic session All cases to be sent to the concerned Regional Office along with processing charges of Rs. 1000/- per student

The board had declared earlier some modifications to the norms for admissions to CBSE class 9 and CBSE Class 11 from the academic year 2020. Board announced that in order to regulate admissions to these classes, the board has decided to take over the complete process for admission.

The changed rules is expected to be implemented from the academic year 2020-21, while those looking for a change in school can do in the current year, as per the current rules.


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