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500+ Words Pleasure of Reading Essay

Reading is an important gateway to personal development and access to social, economic and civic life. It allows us to learn about other people, history and different cultures. By reading, we can gather knowledge in different areas like social studies, language subjects, arts, science, mathematics, and other topics. Reading for pleasure is much more than just going through a text. It is also a way of connecting with the text we are reading. In this pleasure of reading the essay, we will discuss how one can enjoy reading and make it a habit. Also, we have provided the list of CBSE Essays on different topics, which will help students practise essays on various topics.

Reading can change our life. It increases our knowledge, motivates and inspires us and elevates our doubts on a topic. The reading that we do by ourselves in our own way at our pace gives us the pleasure of reading. Such reading generates our interests, inculcates values in us and inspires us. On the other hand, the reading that is forced on us may have the reverse effect. The purpose of reading becomes merely pleasing the teacher and passing the exams, which normally happens with students studying their academic subjects.

There has been a rapid change over the last decades in the way children read and learn. The nature and form of study have changed radically. As a consequence of rapid technological advances, multimodal texts are now readily available. It includes voices, sound and music, stance, intonation, gesture, and movement, as well as a print and image. These exist in different media such as computers, laptops, mobiles, films, radios and books.

Today’s children like to read by viewing and visualising the topic. Many surveys confirm that children choose to read a very diverse range of texts. The most preferred reading materials reported upon by primary children in this study were: jokes, magazines, comics, fiction, signs, poetry and websites. In a survey, it was found that seven in ten young people said they would rather watch TV/DVD/video than read a book. It also depicts that many people took preference using the Internet over reading books.

In the 21st century, do children choose to read for pleasure, enjoyment and leisure? Are they reading willingly, for they are being forced to read by teachers to pass the exams? Does the desire to read independently come into students’ minds? Do they want to explore things with their reading and would like to become young readers of today and tomorrow? Finding answers to all these questions is not tough, as students are now showing very less interest in reading. They are getting conserved and limited to academic studies only.

When children read for pleasure, they get “hooked on books”. They gather a lot of information and also learn language skills. Many people are so concerned about reading that they become adequate readers. They learn the vocabulary and develop the ability to understand and use complex grammatical constructions. This develops good writing skills in them, and they become good writers.

Reading for pleasure is oriented towards finding personal meaning and purpose. It enhances the understanding of the world, the desire to understand, make things work, make connections, engage emotionally and feel deeply among people. Reading helps in finding resonances in the text. Readers can understand the meaning and execute them in their lives to become good humans. Reading a web of fiction or nonfiction inspires and motivates them. Many readers keep their first book as a child. Some of them retain the text, which connects to a significant memory. These all reflect the desire to read, indicating a degree of delight in reading itself. Readers find different reasons for reading.

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