Qualities of a Good Teacher Essay

500+ Words Qualities of a Good Teacher Essay

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the minds of children and, in turn, the quality of education. Teachers are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the subject, establish a positive relationship with students and create an effective learning environment for students to get enriched learning experiences. Their duties also involve conducting an assessment of students, working closely with other teachers to deliver the best knowledge and inculcate values in them. Teachers build a base and strengthen the foundation of their students. With the help of the qualities of a good teacher essay, students will get to know the qualities that teachers have and the role they play in shaping the career of the students. To practise more essays, students can check out the list of CBSE Essays on different topics.

A teacher is an important person in a student’s life. The teacher shapes the student in a similar way as a pot maker shapes the mud pot and makes it perfect for use. Moreover, teachers are an integral part of the education system. They play multiple roles in which they do their duties with full responsibilities. These include facilitating learning material for students, creating a conducive learning environment, designing and preparing lessons, engaging students with the community by performing different activities, and contributing to schools’ development. If they are left with the time, they engage themselves to boost their teaching skills through workshops and training sessions. These activities also make teachers motivated, highly skilled, and well-resourced to perform to the best of their abilities.

One of the important roles of a teacher is to facilitate students’ learning and support them in achieving their learning outcomes. As teachers, many times, they might get puzzled by the fact that, despite putting in the best effort, the students are not performing to the best of their potential. Self-reflection and introspection of teacher’s practices, inside and outside the classroom, will help one understand some of the aspects that require further modification and improvement. The teacher may be already practising some of the innovative pedagogical approaches in the classroom that might be very effective for enriching the teaching-learning process.

The self-assessment of the teachers is also crucial. It helps in the professional growth of teachers as well as serves as a guide to improve their teaching methodology. The role that a teacher expects includes designing the activities for the classroom, resources, learning outcomes, pedagogical strategies and assessment procedures to meet the needs of all students. The teacher helps them understand the subject content and course curriculum and provides relevant learning material for students.

Teachers collaborate with parents, students and communities to develop a positive school environment for students that enhances their physical and mental growth. The teacher engages students in classroom studies in an interactive and innovative way. It results in enhanced student learning and growth. Moreover, teachers also take the initiative by contributing to various activities, which lead to the schools’ and students’ development.

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