Short Essay on Online Classes

500+ Words Short Essay on Online Classes

Online classes and learning have emerged as a new method of teaching nowadays, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online classes have gained immense popularity due to the many advantages like time flexibility, affordability etc. The traditional teaching method includes face-to-face interaction between the teacher and the students. However, in online learning, the interaction takes place in a digital platform in the form of videos, audio, graphics etc. Also, there are hybrid means of studying which combine face-to-face meetings with an online component. In this essay on online classes, we will be covering the topic of online classes and online learning. We have also compiled a list of CBSE Essays on different topics which students can practise to boost their writing skills. It will also help them to participate in different essay writing competitions conducted at the school level.

Online Classes

Online Classes are a type of education system that is delivered via the Internet to students using computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc., in the comfort of their homes. During the last decade, online courses and classes have become popular. Especially during the COVID pandemic, most schools have opted for online classes, and the teachers deliver the lectures remotely through digital platforms.

Online classes are not just the use of technology in the education system, but it is a medium to transmit knowledge, values and skills to younger generations. In many fields, online education and e-learning have become the default way to conduct training or provide education. The online classes consist of four basic elements. The first element is to teach what learners need to learn. The second is to define clear learning objectives. The third is to build knowledge on the right objectives, and the final is in the power of delivering the lectures using technology.

Benefits of Online Classes

Online education has brought a positive impact on the lives of students and working professionals. It has given them an opportunity to take up additional courses along with their studies or job at their convenience. Online classes have also helped the faculty in the institutions to ask students to refer to/study some parts of the syllabus online, which do not require much classroom teaching. Thus, faculty can save time and utilise it to interact with the students more. The quality of education has improved through online classes. Students can easily refer to the content at their time and convenience. Online classes liberate students from planning their schedule of attending classes, driving to school, and being physically present. Online classes work as a lifeline to those people who face physical disabilities and geographical distances. In the era of digitalisation, the scope of online classes has increased even more.


The advantages of online classes take over their disadvantages. If students want to learn, then they have immense opportunities to learn from online classes. In conclusion, we can say that a combination of online and traditional learning methods will be the best for students. Because there are few things which are easier to understand by visualisation where online classes will help, and there are some topics which can be explained better in the physical presence of a teacher. So, combining both online and offline together will make the best education system.

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