Water: A Precious Resource Class 7 Science Notes - Chapter 16

Water is important for all living beings. Survival without water is impossible. It plays a significant role in the existence of life. There are three forms of water viz solid, vapor, and liquid. Water cycle maintains water but many parts of the globe face scarcity of water due to its uneven distribution. Majorly as a result of human activities. Some factors affecting are –

  • Industries growing rapidly
  • Increased requirements for irrigation
  • Unable to manage the irrigation process
  • Increase in population

Also, the wastage of water when supplied through pipes, leaking of taps, etc. Overuse of water should be avoided. The number of recharged water to the ground should increase.

Few Important Questions

  1. How groundwater can be recharged?
  2. How will you minimize the use of water during gardening?
  3. Draw the figure of groundwater and water table.
    1. What are the factors that are responsible for the water table depletion?
  1. Fill in the blanks –
    1. Ground water is obtained from _________ and __________.
    2. The layer of earth which bears water is called __________.
    3. The different forms of water are _________, ___________, and _________.
    4. Water seepage process into the ground is called ___________.
  1. Answer true or false –
    1. The only source of irrigation in fields is the water from the rivers.
    2. The freshwater storage on the ground is more when compared to the amount of water in lakes and rivers of the world.
    3. Rain is not the ultimate source of water.

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