CBSE Question Papers For Class 11 Maths

For scoring well in mathematics, the students need have a rigorous practice of each and every concept included in the class 11th mathematics syllabus. The more and more problems you will practice, the better will be your pace and accuracy. Most of the questions asked in IIT JEE as well as in class 11th Exams are mostly based on the knowledge of the application of concepts. It is hard to score marks in mathematics by simply reading and mugging up the concepts. The students need to understand all the key concepts by examining all their difficulties and try to understand mathematics by relating it to its real-life applications.

The Advantages of Solving Previous Years CBSE Question Papers for Class 11 Maths are given below:

Self-assessment by solving previous year question papers is a vital part of your class 11th exam preparation. It helps the students to realize and learn from their mistakes, determining what strategy they need to follow by analyzing their weaknesses and strengths. CBSE Question Papers for Class 11 Maths will also give an idea about the changing trends of the syllabus.

Practicing previous years question papers helps to devise new problem-solving methods. It helps to understand the most important topics from the examination point of view. It also helps to acquaint with the exam pattern and helps to formulate a proper time management strategies and enhances your speed, time management and accuracy.

The students can easily download Previous Years CBSE Question Papers for Class 11 Maths by clicking the given below links:

CBSE Question Paper For Class 11 Maths


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There are 4 torn books in a lot consisting of 10 books. If 5 books are seleceted at random what is the probability of presence of 2 torn books among the selected?