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Download the Kid Educational App free on Google Play store and App store. Byju’s-The Educational app, is the leading educational app in India, with more than 15 million downloads and users. With successful students and happy testimonials by parents everywhere, Byju’s can attest to improving your child’s education by improving his/her performance. A kids app with cartoons and animations integrated with learning, Byju’s seamlessly integrates fun with education. As children have shorter attention spans than adults, it is harder to engage a child and keep them interested especially to make them study.

The best part about Byju’s is that is a kid educational app free, for you to download and use right away for your children. With highly qualified and expertised educators who are thoroughly educated with the course material and know how to keep your child engaged with short educational videos, flashy animations, interactive study games you can rest assured that your children are in the right hands and will soon see positive results about your child’s performance. Utilising the “play and learn” concept, who says that you can’t learn while you play. With fun and exciting interactive quizzes, tests don’t feel like tests anymore and your child will have a fun time playing games while also learning his/her subjects simultaneously.

You can also check out this short video for class 4th and 5th standard, explaining the different types of angles here: Types of Angles


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