Ncert Solutions For Class 6 Maths Ex 14.2

Ncert Solutions For Class 6 Maths Chapter 14 Ex 14.2

Question 1:

A line segment was drawn of length 10cm, with the help of the ruler.


Method of construction:


(i)At the point X make place the zero mark of the ruler

(ii)And pick appoint Y at the exact distance of 10cm from the point X

(iii) Now join XY

Question 2:

Draw a line segment of length 8cm with the help of ruler and compasses


(1)Make a line ‘l’. Note a point X on that line

(2)Compasses pointer is placed on the zero mark of that ruler. Use it to mark the pencil point till 8cm mark

(3)Not making any in the compasses. At the point A place the pointer an then with the compasses cut arc l at Y



Question 3:

Construct \(\overline{XY}\) of certain distance 6cm .from that cut off \(\overline{XO}\) of 4cm.Measure \(\overline{OY}\)



(1)Keep the mark zero of this ruler at X

(2)Then Y point is marked at a distance of 6 cm from X

(3)Then again Point O is marked at a distance of 4 cm from X

Hence, measuring \(\overline{OY}\) we can find the OY=4cm

Question 4:

Given \(\overline{PQ}\) of length 5cm , Draw \(\overline{AB}\) such that the length

\(\overline{XB}\) also it has the length of \(\overline{PQ}\)



Construction step:


(1)Line is drawn ‘l’

(2)Draw \(\overline{AX}\) such that its length of \(\overline{AX}\)= \(\overline{PQ}\) length

(3)Cut of \(\overline{XB}\) so that \(\overline{XB}\) will have the same length of \(\overline{PQ}\)

(4) \(\overline{AX}\) length and the \(\overline{XB}\) length added together doubles the \(\overline{PQ}\)



Now, measurement can find that AB=10cm


= \(\overline{PQ}\)+ \(\overline{PQ}\)=2* \(\overline{PQ}\)

Question 5:

Note PQ of length 8 cm and RS of length 3.4 cm, Draw a segment of line AB so that the length of AB is equal to the difference between the lengths of PQ and RS . Check the measurement


Steps of construction:

(1) A line is drawn ‘l’ and take a point A on it

(2) Draw AC such that its length AC = length of PQ = 8 cm

(3) Then erase BC = length of RS = 5 cm

(4) Thus the length of AB = length of PQ – length of RS


Thus the measurement we can easily found that the length of PQ=3 cm



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