Ncert Solutions For Class 6 Maths Ex 14.3

Ncert Solutions For Class 6 Maths Chapter 14 Ex 14.3

Question 1:

Construct a line segment of \(\overline{AB}\). Not measuring \(\overline{AB}\).Draw a duplicate of \(\overline{AB}\)


Method of construction.


(1)Now the mentioned \(\overline{AB}\) that length is not known

(2)Point A is fixed by the compasses pointer and the B is fixed by pencil end.The instrument opening gives the \(\overline{AB}\) length accurately

(3)Now construct a line of length ‘l’ .Without making any change in the setting of the compass ,Point P is marked

(4) Now cut an arc ‘l’ at a point ,say Q

Now \(\overline{PQ}\) is the copy of \(\overline{AB}\)

Question 2.

Mention some segment \(\overline{PQ}\) ,the length of it is unknown, Draw \(\overline{AB}\) the length of \(\overline{AB}\) is double the times of \(\overline{PQ}\)



Method of construction:

(1)Now that \(\overline{PQ}\) whose certain length is unknown

(2)The compasses pointer on point P is fixed and then pencil end on Q .The instrument opening gives the


(3) Line ‘l’ is drawn .Point A is chosen by ‘l’ .Not changing the compasses setup, the pointer is placed at B

(4)Now an arc is cut at the point O of length ’l’

(5)Pointer O is placed and by not changing the setting of the compass ,Another arc is drawn at a point B ‘l’


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