Biology Notes For Class 11 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of CBSE class 11 Biology is “biological classification”. The biological classification is one of the broadest topics in biology and requires the candidates to be well acquainted with the related concepts to be able to ace the exam.

Biological classification can be 2 kingdom classification or 5 kingdom classification. In this chapter, students need to learn the criteria of classification, different kingdoms, hierarchy, taxonomy and its importance, etc.

To help the students learn this chapter more effectively, some important notes of this chapter and other related topics are given below. Check these notes to have a proper understanding of the concepts and terms.

Click the links given below to get biology Notes for Class 11 Chapter 2:

Students are suggested to go through all these notes to properly understand the chapter of “biological classification”. The notes given here are easily understandable and covers most of the topics of this chapter.

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Biology Notes Chapter 2: Biological Classification


What organisms does kingdom monera consist of?

Kingdom Monera is a biological kingdom that consists of prokaryotes. This kingdom is composed of single celled organisms that lack a real nucleus.


What are the 5 main classifications of Plant kingdom?

The 5 main classification of the Plant kingdom are: 1. Thallophyta 2. Bryophyta 3. Pteridophyta 4. Gymnosperms 5. Angiosperms


What are some of the uses of ‘Fungi’?

Fungi is used for several purposes especially in the food industry and food preparation. It is also used to produce citric aicd, antibiotics and human hormones.


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