CBSE Class 10 Geography Important Questions

CBSE Class 10 Geography Important Questions compiled here is one of the best resources to prepare for the board exams. Students will find it easier to revise the subject with the help of these questions. The CBSE Class 10 important questions of Geography cover all the essential topics from the chapters of the NCERT books, based on which the exam papers are formulated. Practising these important questions will give students good practice and help them revise.

CBSE Class 10 Geography Important Questions

There are 7 chapters in the Geography book of Class 10 Social Science. Students can find and download the chapter-wise CBSE Important Questions of Geography from the respective links provided in the table below:

Important Questions Chapter 1 – Resources and Development
Important Questions Chapter 2 – Forest and Wildlife Resources
Important Questions Chapter 3 – Water Resources
Important Questions Chapter 4 – Agriculture
Important Questions Chapter 5 – Minerals and Energy Resources
Important Questions Chapter 6 – Manufacturing Industries
Important Questions Chapter 7 – Lifelines of National Economy

The above-given links contain a few Important Questions for CBSE Class 10 Geography that is most likely to be repeated in the upcoming board exams. While preparing for the board exams, students can study accordingly by prioritising the above-mentioned topics.

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