CBSE Class 8 History Chapter 2 From Trade To Territory Important Questions

Did you know that the British originally came as a small trading company and were reluctant to acquire territories? How then did they come to be master of a vast empire? Chapter 2 of CBSE Class 8 History will deal with how this came about. CBSE Class 8 History Chapter 2 From Trade To Territory Important Questions will also help to revise the main concepts of the Chapter and ace the exam. It is one of the better resources to prepare for the exam, as some questions are likely to be repeated in the questions paper.

Find the PDF link given below in this article to download the CBSE Class 8 Social Science Important Questions taken from Chapter 2 of History.

Download CBSE Class 8 History Chapter 2 From Trade To Territory Important Questions PDF

From Trade To Territory

1. What is a mercantile?

2. Describe the Battle of Plassey. What led to it? Explain.

3. What did it mean to be nawabs?

4. What power did the residents appointed by the company have?

5. Write a note about Tipu Sultan – The “Tiger of Mysore.”

6. Write a note of the Company’s War with the Marathas.

7. What is the new policy of “paramountcy?”

8. What is the “Doctrine of Lapse?”

9. Describe the terms “mufti” and “qazi.”

10. Write a note on the Slave Trade in South Africa.

11. British came to India as Traders. Why? Justify.

12. What attracted European trading companies to India?

13. What were the areas of conflict between the Bengal nawabs and the East India Company?

14. How did the assumption of Diwani benefit the East India Company?

15. Explain the system of “subsidiary alliance.” What are the disadvantages of this system for Indian Rulers?

16. In what way was the administration of the Company different from that of Indian rulers?

17. Describe the changes that occurred in the composition of the Company’s army.

18. After the British conquest of Bengal, Calcutta grew from a small village to a big city. Describe the culture, architecture and the life of Europeans and Indians of the city during the colonial period.

19. What are the main features of the new judicial system introduced by Warren Hastings in India?

20. What is the importance of the Office of the Collector in the Company Administration?

21. In which year was the Third Battle of Panipat fought?
(a) 1752
(b) 1743
(c) 1761
(d) 1763

22.  Haidar Ali was the ruler of_____
(a) Delhi
(b) Bombay
(c) Bengal
(d) Mysore



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