CBSE Class 8 History Chapter 3 Ruling the Countryside Important Questions

From Chapter 3 of CBSE Class 8 History, students can explore how the Company came to colonise the countryside, organise revenue resources, redefine the rights of people, and produce the crops it wanted. To understand the major concepts of the Chapter and to revise the subject thoroughly, students can solve CBSE Class 8 History Chapter 3 Ruling the Countryside Important Questions. These questions have been framed by including the question types that are likely to be repeated in the exam. Students can prepare for the exams by practising these important questions.

Students can find the link below in this article to download the PDF version of the CBSE Class 8 Important Questions of History Chapter 3.

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Ruling the Countryside

1. What were the problems created by the permanent settlement?

2. Why do you think Colebrook is concerned with the conditions of the under-ryots in Bengal? Suggest possible reasons.

3. Write a note on the Munro System.

4. How was Indigo cultivated? Explain the two main systems of Indigo Cultivation.

5. Write a very short note about The Slave Revolt in St Domingue, August 1791.

6. Write a note about the “Blue Rebellion” and after.

7. Describe the main features of the Permanent Settlement.

8. How was the mahalwari system different from the Permanent Settlement?

9. Give two problems which arose with the new Munro system of fixing revenue.

10. Why were ryots reluctant to grow indigo?

11. What were the circumstances which led to the eventual collapse of indigo production in Bengal?

12. Describe the Champaran movement and Mahatma Gandhi’s role in it.

13. Explain the term ‘Bigha.’

14. What are the problems faced with the nij system of cultivation? Give two reasons.

15. Indigo planters shifted their operation after the ‘Blue Rebellion.’ Where did they shift to?’

16. How did the revenues of the company increase after it received the Diwani rights of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa?

17. Name the Governor-General of India, when the Permanent Settlement was introduced in 1793.

18. What is “mahal?”

19. What were the implications of appointing the Company as the Diwan of Bengal?

20. What is “Plantation?”

21. _____ devised the new-system of revenue called Mahalwari.
(a) Queen Victoria
(b) Holt Mackenzie
(c) Queen Elizabeth
(d) Gandhiji

22. _____ developed the Munro system.
(a) Captain Alexander
(b) Holt Mackenzie
(c) Thomas Munro
(d) None of the above


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