RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Probability

RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Chapter 31

In class XII probability we will be more concerned about the axiomatic approach of probability towards solving a problem. This approach was formulated by Russian Mathematician A.N. Kolmogorov. We have also established the equivalence between the axiomatic theory of probability and the classical theory of probability in case of equally likely outcomes. On the basis of this relationship we obtained probabilities of events associated with discrete sample spaces.

In continuation of the addition theorem of probability, we will introduce the concept of conditional probability which will be useful in obtaining multiplication rule of probability. The same will be used to derive a formula for the conditional probability. We will be discuss theorems which are helpful in computing the probabilities of simultaneous occurrences of two or more events associated with a random experiment which is also known as multiplication theorem of probability.

The solved examples in RD Sharma solutions will help us build better understanding of the total probability theorem and Baye’s theorem which are covered in the last exercises.Practise and understand these concepts in a structured manner using the solved examples in the the given RD Sharma solutions for the chapter “Probability”.

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