RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Indefinite Integrals

RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Chapter 19

A function F(x) is called a primitive of a function f(x) if \({F}'(x)\) = f(x).

An indefinite integral is a type of integral of the form

\(\int f(x).dx = F(x) + c\)

where, f(x) is the required function

F(x) is the antiderivative of the given function

and c is the constant value of the integration function.

In this chapter we will find variety of questions based on different types of integration namely

  1. Integration by Substitution
  2. Integration by parts
  3. Integration of rational algebraic function by using partial fraction.

The table below gives the exercise-wise solutions for RD Sharma for the chapter of Indefinite Integral. Students will find many different types of integration along with integration of trigonometric functions.

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